Ages 12-14

Food for Thought

Students will create an infomercial on making healthy food choices.


Making healthy food choices can difficult for kids and often confusing. Students will create a stop-motion video to demonstrate their understanding of nutrition and how to make smart choices, including what not to eat, what would be a better choice, and why.


Topic Health science
Target age 12 to 14 years old
Ideal group size 2 or 3 students
Time to complete 2 class periods


  1. In groups, students will research one aspect of making healthy food choices; for example, dinning out, limit sugar, or eating more fruits and vegetables.
  2. Once they’ve picked a topic and done research, have the groups storyboard their movie. Pick one or two elements they should include in their video, such as how to replace a less healthy food item with something nutritional.
  3. Students will create an infomercial on their topic using Stop Motion Studio. They can import images, record as live action, or use figures to animate the action. They should be sure to demonstrate the effects over time.
  4. Infomercials must be short, 60 seconds or less, explain the problem, and come up with realistic solutions that persuade the audience to take action. After the presentations, you can ask the class how many of them were convinced to make a different choice.


This sample rubric can help teachers access the project.

Sample Video